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by Sales.mx on July 17, 2014

Are .MX Domain Values On The Rise?

A new .mx domain sale has just displaced the previous top selling domain tracked on our all-time leaderboard.

That domain is CasinoOnline.mx which changed hands for 13,500 USD this month through another domain aftermarket venue.

The sale was confirmed by DNJournal.

Prior to the sale taking place, the top .mx sale to date was JuegosDeMarioBros.mx for $12,360, a record that had been standing since 2011.

Incidentally, 3 of the top 5 five-figure sales, and 5 of the top 10 sales on the .mx leaderboard have occurred within the last 9 months.  Is this an indication that .mx domains are seeing an increase in value?  It may still be early to tell, but we sure hope so.

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