Integrity Is Everything

by on April 23, 2011

In order to have an accurate window into a domain market we need to have accurate data.  If data is unreliable or false, it may paint a picture that is not clear, which can then prevent us from making sound decisions.

To those that have been following the Top 25 Sales Leaderboard, it has regretfully come to our attention that two of the sales so far reported may in fact never have been completed.  Because we cannot ensure with 100% accuracy that the sales in question were ever completed, as of today the following two domain sales will no longer be listed on our leaderboard.  Reasons are given below.

Domain Sale Price Date Sold
Source ** $1,000 January 2010 DomainFest $1,000 January 2010 DomainFest


We discovered today from a search of the Whois history through DomainTools that the two domains in question had never changed ownership, meaning that although the domains did each receive $1,000 bids at auction, the most likely scenario is that the buyer/bidder failed to pay the winning bid and the sales were never completed.  Since we cannot be certain, we will no longer list these sales .

The sales in question were part of a DomainFest auction, the results of which were initially posted on Domain Name News, a site which we deem to be a very credible and reliable source.  However they do in fact note directly on their website that,

As always we do not guarantee the accuracy of these results.

Please note that we too carry a disclaimer on our sales leaderboard page, to the affect that although we try our utmost to maintain the accuracy of our reporting, as human beings we are not immune to error and you should not rely solely on the information contained in this website when making decisions that are of a financial nature, or otherwise.

We do sincerely apologize to our readers for this inaccuracy, and hope that this post is evidence of our intentions to maintain the utmost integrity.  As an added measure to ensure credibility, going forward we will only accept domain sales listings that can be independently verified by a party to the transaction and/or reported in established publications such as which obtains its reports directly from aftermarket vendors.  Further, we will also require a proof of purchase price when reporting private sales.  (such as a screenshot of the PayPal or Escrow transaction receipt)

Thank you for your understanding.

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