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by Sales.mx on January 24, 2014

As we roll into a new year, the aftermarket saw 2014’s first publicly reported .mx domain sale last week, courtesy of DNJournal. That domain was Enterprises.mx which changed hands for $1,999 USD.

There was a bit of a surge late in the year as we saw the reported sale of Cupon.mx for $12,240 (via Sedo) which took the number two spot on the all time sales leaderboard.

Sales.mx also helped broker the sale of Porn.mx in coordination with HuntingMoon at the annual adult industry domain auction which they hosted in September/October.  That sale made it into the top 10.

Overall sales for 2013 did not show much movement up or down in terms of volume of reported sales. There were 16 sales that made our leaderboard, breaching the $1,000 USD mark. There were 13 such sales the previous year (2012).

The needle is still moving very slow for Mexico’s ccTLD. We have not tracked sales of the countries other second-level ccTLD .com.mx, but from the weekly sales reports have observed the same general trend.

Mexico is still one of the world’s largest emerging economies, with positive growth potential and a current GDP of $1.2 trillion.  A recent news article out of Asia for example states that,

Some say the so-called “MINT” nations, comprising Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey, are the world’s new powerhouses. (source)

As you read this there are also some supposedly big reforms taking place in Mexico’s telecommunications sector which could have an impact on the countries internet growth.  I hope to research and write more on this in the near future, but if you wish to know more take a peak at this recent article for a brief synopsis.

Still, such changes, if and when they do occur, could take plenty of time before their effects trickle down to impact the .mx domain aftermarket.  Another looming factor is the coming addition of hundreds to several thousand new gTLDs over the next few years.   While there is plenty of speculation, no one knows for sure how this will play out and impact other established TLDs worldwide over the near and long term, much less in Mexico.

With a new year comes optimism, but we are realists too.  While I still believe Mexico’s economy has a favorable outlook, domain investing is an illiquid and risk driven practice and returns are not necessarily coupled to a countries economic activity, nor are they guaranteed.  Still, we are excited to see what direction 2014 takes.

As always, we will keep you up to date on the latest reported sales throughout the coming year.  Don’t forget to visit our marketplace where we have listed close to 1000 of the best .mx domain names available for purchase.

Happy Belated New Year, and best of sales for all your domains.


Michael Curving, Founder
Sales.mx – the place to buy and sell .mx domains

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