A Cryptogram

by Sales.mx on January 16, 2013

Grass is green, and roses are red
Everything changes, or so it is said
Time will tell, how true this will prove
So time it is now, for us to make moves
Else you blink your eyes, and a site you will miss
To behold it will be, the greatest yet to exist
For a niche in .mx, as yet was unfilled
Only soon it will be, not because we’re unskilled
Rouse your mother’s brother’s sister’s sons and daughters out of their beds
Say it loud from the rooftops, across Mexico, comprende usted?
And the rest of the world, for soon all will know
Let the doors swing wide open, let the winds of change blow
End users, domainers, one and all, all will come
Sales.mx will be the place, to get business done
My friend won’t you please, pass it on to your friends
X marks the spot, for this country-code trend
Visit us again, and soon you will see
2 5 days from now, a site hard to believe!

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Sales.mx January 23, 2013 at 1:10 am

A prize will go to the first person to solve this riddle. Please post your solution in the comments

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