A New Start

by Sales.mx on April 2, 2017

I suppose April fools day is a good a time to start as any. As of today I am restarting the sales.mx blog.

First off I would like to thank Mike for all the hard work he has put into the .mx extension and the site for the last few years. We wish him the best of luck with his new ventures!

I plan to continue the with the same ethics in reporting the sales of .mx and .com.mx domain sales that the site has always had. We will use every possible tool at our disposal to confirm with high accuracy any sales reported.

I also want to invite any of you who are buying, selling or just interested in .mx domains to reach out to me.

Look forward to more updates soon!



While we didn’t see a new .mx sale eclipse the 5-figure mark in the past two weeks since we reported on the sale of AutosUsados.mx, it’s worth noting that .mx’s sister extension .com.mx did.

That sale was for ElDebate.com.mx which was sold for $10,000 USD as reported by DNJournal.com last week.

Although we don’t currently chart .com.mx domain sales here at Sales.mx, it’s also worth noting here that other high dollar sales have occurred in the past few years in that name space as well, including:

  • Software.com.mx for $37,740
  • Creditos.com.mx for $19,000
  • Excelsior.com.mx for $16,667
  • Mazamitla.com.mx for $10,000
  • Groupon.com.mx for $10,000
  • Casinos.com.mx for $9,999

Clearly some companies do see the value and are willing to put up the cash to upgrade their internet presence to a better domain name.

We would not be surprised to see more of these top dollar sales unfold in the .mx (and .com.mx) ccTLD and will of course keep you updated on those sales as they occur.


Two weeks ago we reported that a new king was crowned on the .mx domain sales leaderboard.

This week we can now announce a new queen at #2, as well as a new tie for the #6 spot.

Both of those sales reached the 5-figure mark, with AutosUsados.mx selling for $13,399, and Casinos.mx selling at $10,000. Those figures are in USD.

All in all, 4 out of the top 5 highest sales to date, and 6 of the top 10, have now occurred within the past 9 months.

Will things continue heating up in the .mx aftermarket?  Time will tell. Here is the current snapshot of the top ten .mx domain sales as of today:

Sale Price
1 CasinoOnline.mx $13,500 July 2014
2 AutosUsados.mx $13,399 August 2014
3 JuegosDeMarioBros.mx $12,360 October 2011
4 Cupon.mx $12,240 December 2013
5 Max.mx $11,730 April 2014
6 (tie) 888.mx $10,000 June 2010
6 (tie) Casinos.mx $10,000 August 2014
8 BlackCard.mx $8,460 January 2010
9 Freelancer.mx $7,500 September 2010
10 Badoo.mx $6,576 March 2014

View the full list of 50 here, or find more one-of-a-kind .mx domains that are available for you to own right now in our marketplace


Take Me To Your Leader

by Sales.mx on July 17, 2014

Are .MX Domain Values On The Rise?

A new .mx domain sale has just displaced the previous top selling domain tracked on our all-time leaderboard.

That domain is CasinoOnline.mx which changed hands for 13,500 USD this month through another domain aftermarket venue.

The sale was confirmed by DNJournal.

Prior to the sale taking place, the top .mx sale to date was JuegosDeMarioBros.mx for $12,360, a record that had been standing since 2011.

Incidentally, 3 of the top 5 five-figure sales, and 5 of the top 10 sales on the .mx leaderboard have occurred within the last 9 months.  Is this an indication that .mx domains are seeing an increase in value?  It may still be early to tell, but we sure hope so.


Get Loco Contest Results

by Sales.mx on May 25, 2014

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Get Loco With Sales.mx contest which ended last week.

The winners have been drawn, and notified by email.

Our Grand Prize winner of the domain Loco.mx is @pedrobauza

Congratulations Pedro!

Five runner-up winners have also been randomly chosen to win a free 3-month .mx showcase listing.

If you would like to see the complete list of winners feel free to contact us by email.